Does Drinking More Water Really Keep Your Skin Hydrated?

We're told that drinking plenty of water is the key to youthful, plump skin and health, but is this really the case? While we'd like to think we're getting our required amounts of H2O every day, we wonder if this will actually help our skin get a dewy glow or if we need to be doing more. To find out the verdict on this hydration conundrum, we turned to Dr. Caroline Cederquist, M.D., author of The MD Factor Diet (£14).

Does drinking water actually hydrate your skin?

"Yes, but it is also the combination of eating a well-balanced diet in lean, adequate protein and healthy fats along with staying hydrated."

How much water do you actually need to drink to be properly hydrated?

"Sixty-four ounces per day. I recommend 8 additional ounces for each 25 pounds a person is overweight. For example, if a person is 50 pounds overweight, they need the original 64 ounces plus 16 (8 x 2) additional ounces."

Is it true when celebrities say that the reason for their healthy glow is just from drinking a lot of water?

"Yes. However, celebrity’s occupations are to look good. They have encompassed a healthy diet that incorporates a combination of lean protein, healthy fats, along with staying hydrated."

What more should we be doing to stay hydrated?

"Avoid processed foods and foods high in saturated fat. I also suggest getting a nice water bottle and make it a habit of bringing it with you everywhere."

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