This BB Cream Is My Complexion's Soul Mate--Here's Why

You know the feeling you get when you slip into your favourite LBD and a pair of your favourite heels? Invincible. And sexy. Or the way you feel while you’re striking a pose as a fan blows your tresses mid-photoshoot? (Sadly, I’ve yet to actually experience the second scenario, but you get my point.) Well, all those feelings combined are what I felt when I applied Dr. Jart+’s BB Dis-A-Pore Beauty Balm ($36) to my face for the first time.

Before I opened the pretty tube, I admit I was dubious of its claim to “make pores disappear.” And yet, after I applied it, I stared into the mirror and saw the smoothest, most radiant finish I’ve ever witnessed on my complexion—practically flawless. Dis-A-Pore, indeed. (This is about the moment when I started feeling aforementioned emotions of invincibility.) Mind you, I had on no concealer at the time, either. Shocking, I know. What’s even more shocking is that the formula is super long-lasting and formulated with SPF 30, which means I can take it with me from day to night and expect it to protect my skin along the way.

Given this BB cream that I now consider my skin’s soul mate only comes in one universal shade, fair to light, my only complaint would be for it to come in a wider array of shades so more people can enjoy it. But if you do happen to fall into this skintone category, I can only say one thing: give this magic BB a go, pronto!