The Skin MOT You Need This Month

January seems as good a month as any to book in for a skin MOT—if you're going to kick-start the year right you'll want to do it with glowing skin, no? Selfridges knows this, which is why they have called on every Beauty Editor's favourite skin doctor Dr Frances Prenna Jones. Having studied for 10 years as a doctor of internal medicine, she decided that skin was her calling. At her Mayfair clinic, she takes an internal and external approach to treating all her patients, and her ethos is Look well, feel well, live well. "I live by the belief that the biggest compliment of all is to hear ‘you look well’ versus ‘what have you had done’," she explains. The fact that she looks incredibly well and young is the proof in the pudding.

Prenna Jones has set up a Skin Service Station in Selfridges. Until 28 January she, along with her team of Skin Cadets, will be administering 15-minute laser and light therapies, combined with a bespoke layering of her famous products and a light peel (if needed). There are four facials to choose from: The Glow Booster, Under the Weather (for skin compromised by sickness), The Breakout and The Morning After. Each one is £50, redeemable on products. 

Alternatively, take advantage of this access to Dr Frances Prenna Jones and opt for The Full Service Age Maintenance (£80, redeemable). The 30-minute treatment targets fine lines, pigmentation and even broken capillaries. Expect a deep cleanse, peel, microdermabrasion and, of course, glowing skin. 

The Skin Service Station with Dr Prenna Jones will be available at Selfridges, London in The Beauty Workshop until 28 January.

Click here to browse Dr Frances Prenna Jones's skincare line.

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