Experts Agree: These Foods Make You More Motivated

It's totally fine to have off days—we all do. You know, those grey days when you don’t feel motivated to do anything and you post an image hashtagged with #duvetday on Instagram.

But what if those feelings—being sluggish, moody, tired and unmotivated—start to become more regular? If you find you procrastinate a lot, doubt yourself or lack enthusiasm, and it’s not just a monthly occurrence, it could be that your levels of dopamine are too low. Thankfully you are what you eat, and what you consume could have a positive effect on boosting your dopamine levels and in turn your success rate in life and work.

So first things first: What is dopamine? It’s both a hormone and a neurotransmitter, and it relays messages of motivation between our nerve cells. Think of it like your own mini cheerleading squad—it is the key to us feeling ambitious, as well as being productive and focused. Dopamine is also responsible for our feelings of pleasure and plays a role in the functioning of our adrenal glands that produce adrenaline to give us that get up and go.

We need solid levels of the so-called “motivation molecule,” because if our supplies start to dwindle, we can feel increasingly down and even (in the long term) depressed. Thankfully there are ways to address your dopamine levels through your food choices to help you feel more motivated towards life and work. Keep scrolling for our guide to the dopamine diet.