5 Items Every Woman Should Have in Her Carry-On for Perfect-Looking Skin

We're so excited to reveal that blogger extraordinaire Doina Ciobanu of The Golden Diamonds is the latest contributor to Byrdie UK! Doina travels around the world every other week, so she knows a thing or two about keeping her skin in check when hopping on and off planes. In her first column, she gives us the low-down on the five items that give her perfect skin when she's travelling.

I am so obsessed with everything skin related—taking care of it and treating it well—so I’m really looking forward to sharing with you just how I do that. I’ve learnt so much about skincare and beauty from what other women have been kind enough to share, and I’m thrilled to be able to do the same.

If some of you are already following me on Instagram (@doina) you probably know that my work as a model and digital influencer means that my life is in constant movement. Right now, I’ve just come back from shooting an editorial in Malta, and while I always spend this period preparing for the upcoming fashion weeks, I’m also moving house this month. Terrible timing!

Surrounded by cardboard boxes and clothing bags, my travel beauty bag has become my default one, so I thought that sharing the essential products I simply cannot live without and always have in my carry-on or check-in bag, would be the best thing to share first. They’re certainly bringing the most amount of value to my life right now!

Keep scrolling for Doina's five essential items and where to shop her favourite products.