I Tried the Anti-Cellulite Cure Supermodels Love—Here, My Honest Review

I never understood what the deal with dry brushing was. It perplexed me. I was too simultaneously confused and disinterested by the idea to even google the darn thing. I'd hear references to it in mainstream media, and this was, more or less, my thought process: What are you (any of you) talking about? Why would someone take a dry brush and brush their body? I can't. Mentions of lymph nodes and circulation just sounded esoteric and, frankly, like a load of baloney. I was firmly in camp "never trying dry brushing because no/why." 

But hey, as I've learned over and over again, you really can never say never—especially as a beauty editor. When I discovered that one of dry brushing's biggest claims to fame is reducing cellulite, I had to put it to the test. Because I'd try a lot worse than dry brushing in the name of less cellulite. So does it work? Keep scrolling to read my review.