One Doctor's Guide to Shopping for Skincare

"My skin just looks dull," is the usual story patients tell me during their initial skincare consultation. In an average week, I see around 30 to 50 patients looking for that miracle solution for a flawless complexion, comparable to the airbrushed, contoured faces they are constantly exposed to.

Of all these patients, many of them will chop and change their skincare products numerous times and can end up quite frustrated when they don't get the results they want to see. On the other hand, the vast majority of patients I successfully convert to medical, evidence-based skincare do in fact see a positive change and find a product or products they stick to and love.

The problem is that the sheer volume of different medical brands, ingredients and products can sometimes be a bit daunting. The truth is, most of these products are just variations on a theme, with a fairly limited number of key active ingredients. The main thing then is knowing what ingredients to look out for, how much (percentage-wise) you need and what form you should be using to get closer to that dewy, glowing complexion everyone craves. Keep scrolling for my guide to shopping for glow-giving skincare.