I Tried the World’s Most Advanced Facial—This Is What Happened

I don’t know about you, but if I’m booking in for a facial, I expect to see results. I want the therapist to offer something that I can’t do at home, whether that’s using extra-strength products I can’t buy over the counter, gadgets that would be lethal (or at least a bit dangerous) in my hands, or the kind of massage that takes years of training and practice to perfect.

You see, I once went to review a facial at a luxury London hotel where the therapist settled me into the comfy bed, cleansed my face, applied a face mask, left me in the room while I listened to whale sounds, returned, washed off the mask and sent me on my merry way with a slick of sticky lip balm and a wave. Needless to say, I never returned because I can do all that in the comfort of my own bathroom. I vowed after that to choose my treatments wisely. So when I was emailed about a facial based on DNA results it piqued my interest enough for me to swab my cheek, post my saliva to the other side of the world—an address in Sydney—and then wait six weeks for my appointment with London-based facialist, Kate Kerr. Keep scrolling to find out whether this facial was as life-changing as I hoped it would be…



Getty/Kristy Sparow/Contributor

I arrived at the Phi Clinic on Harley Street not really knowing what to expect. My results had arrived a few weeks before, and Kerr had read over them before I arrived. Funny to think we had never met, yet she knew more about the skin I had lived in for 31 years than I did.

To book in with Kate Kerr at The Mondrian, visit her website or call 01914 958 468.

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