This Hydrating Shampoo Has Been a Saviour for My Afro Hair


Giselle La Pompe-Moore

I've never found the process of washing my hair to be particularly enjoyable. I remember when my mum washed my hair: It was always a dramatic event that required plenty of bribery, tears and soothing. While it's no longer that theatrical, I still don't like it. Washing my natural Afro hair (after I transitioned from relaxing it) made the whole thing even more time-consuming and tricky.

During this time of relearning how my natural hair works, I discovered a whole new world of tangles and needed to find out how to handle my coils on wash day. Shampoos did what I needed them to (aka cleansed), but never made the process better or did much for my hair. That is, until I gave Dizziak Hydration Wash a try. Whenever I see the H-word, I'm sold, as my 4C hair drinks up whatever moisture it can get hold of, and this wash most certainly delivers.