Your ‘Staying In Is the New Going Out’ Plan

Oh, winter. You're a tricky one aren't you? There are the resolutions you have us pledging, then the lack of money (Christmas present shopping is helping us spend that), and the cold gloomy weather—it kind of makes everyone want to hibernate. So, why don't we? Can we get a collective cheer of "duvet day!" followed by a fist pump? This weekend, make staying in the new going out.

We called on the team at Pfeffer Sal, one of London's coolest beauty clinics (honestly, just check out their website), to share their DIY skin recipes so you can complete an at-home facial and body treatment this weekend.

“It’s easy to forget the skin is the largest organ in the body and is responsible for elimination, excretion, temperature control and absorption amongst other things, so it is important to feed and keep it healthy,” says Tarryn Warren, lead therapist at the clinic.

All the ingredients are things you will find in your kitchen (or a short walk to the local Tesco should do it) so they won’t break the bank—crucial at this time of the month. Keep scrolling for your at-home skin recipes, including our pick of the best affordable buys to help you relax at home.