Dior Makes Getting a Perfect Complexion and Looking More Awake Easy

Colour correcting is tricky to get right, but once you do and you can perfect your complexion like a pro, you'll wonder how you ever did your makeup without it. We've talked about colour correcting before, but luxury brand Dior has recently got in on the action with its new Fix It Colour (£24 each) and we're now even more hooked on the process than we were before—Dior has made colour correcting a doddle with these. Keep scrolling to find out more…




These clever sticks contain colour and primer in one, which means the product glides easily onto skin and lasts. You can use them on your eyes, lips or face. But, how exactly do you use them? Here's a quick breakdown:

Blue is for anti-dullness. Especially great for yellow-toned caucasian skins and Asian skins, it gives tired-looking faces a boost. Apply to cheeks or forehead and it will give you a fresh and well-rested look. Sold!

Green is for anti-redness. Ideal for fair or rosy skin tones, it fades the look of blood vessels, blemishes and flushing.

Apricot is for pigmentation and dark circles. For dark/olive skin tones, this tones down greyness, hides dark spots and hyperpigmentation, as well as magically concealing dark circles.

Yellow is for dark spots and circles. For light skin tones, this erases violet-toned blood vessels, dark circles and pigmentation. 

Personally, I'm obsessed with the wake-up powers of the blue tone, while the yellow works wonders on the dark patches at the inner corners of my eyes. The combination makes me look less tired, which is what we all want, no?

Dior Fix It Colour 2-in-1 Prime & Colour Correct Face - Eyes - Lips (£24 each).

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