We Tried 5 Ridiculous-Sounding Weight-Loss Tips, With Equally Ridiculous Results

Weight loss is one of the buzziest topics out there, and something tells me it always will be. Western culture has a tumultuous relationship with food and weight, and many among us are on a constant hunt for new diet tricks. Somehow, even though health experts agree that a clean diet and regular exercise are the ultimate keys to weight loss, we're still looking for an easier fix.

At Byrdie, it's our job to report on new weight-loss studies and trends, and as we do, we often come across some pretty outrageous ideas. (We've talked about many of them here.) Spices meant to boost your metabolism and optical illusions intended to suppress your appetite, for example. We write about these wacky weight-loss trends, but we almost never try them. Which got me thinking, how will we ever know if these zany "quick fixes" really work?

To find out, I gathered the five most absurd weight-loss tips we've ever heard and employed a group of my colleagues to try them for a week. Can adding cayenne pepper to every meal or staring at a pink wall all day really help you lose weight? Keep scrolling to find out.