Not a Single Person on This Remote Island Has Acne—Here's Why


Urban Outfitters

Imagine a small, remote tropical island surrounded by crystal clear water where fresh produce and fish are abundant, the morale is upbeat and happy, and—ready?—acne is nonexistent. These are all grounds for a perfect fantasy, but you needn't dream up this idyllic paradise—it actually exists.

Google the word "Kitava," and many of the first few search results are the Kitavan diet and its incredible health benefits. The island, located in Papua New Guinea, is virtually uninfluenced by Western nutritional habits—the majority of their diet consists of tubers (yams, sweet potatoes and taro), as well as local fruits (coconut is a biggie), fish and vegetables. The overall diet is praised for its direct correlation to the well-being of its followers; Kitavan people, in addition to not having acne, rarely (if ever) face diabetes, cardiovascular diseases or dementia.

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