Diane Kruger's Easy Skincare Routine, Revealed


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At age 40, Diane Kruger looks like she could be in her twenties. The German actress, who served as the face of Chanel Allure and Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Giò in the late '90s, just celebrated her 40th birthday and shared her incredibly simple skin care routine that involves under-the-radar European brands in an interview with the New York Times. In defence of her minimalist approach, the porcelain-skinned beauty says, "This routine works for me. I tend to break out easily, so I stick with what I’ve picked up over the years." We agree with the sentiment—if it works for you, why mess with it?

Diane starts her day by cleansing her skin with a foaming cleanser by French drugstore brand Uriage. "It foams, and you can find it at the French pharmacies. I’ve been using it for at least five years," she explains. She follows this up with a toner, serum, and a basic SPF (Yes, she keeps it that easy). "Then I use a toner from Kiehl’s. It’s the blue one, a classic. Right now because it’s summer, I’ve been using Chanel Hydra Beauty Serum as my moisturizer. And I always wear sunscreen. The one I’m using is also by Chanel, and it’s SPF 50 but really light."

Her daily skincare routine adds up to a modest four products, which is six products shy of the notoriously intense Korean skincare regimen. She explains that her European roots are what make her a minimalist by nature and that living in the states keeps her avid about sun protection. "I’m probably more European in my thinking because of where I grew up: the 'less is more' philosophy. My sunscreen habit is from living in L.A., though I don’t like to be tan like some of the people there." The starlet adds that she also exfoliates regularly, and no surprise: Her approach is super European. "But I will do a gommage, or an exfoliating scrub, by Sensai," she says.  Gommage, which means "to erase" in French, refers to an enzyme-laden exfoliator that instantly works as it's massaged into the skin. "It’s cool: It’s a dry product, you put it on your face, and it works. I do it once or twice a week," she explains. Including her weekly gommage sessions, Diane is still just halfway to a full-blown K-beauty routine but has radiant skin that rival's most 20-year-olds. Here's to another fab 40 years, Diane.

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