Get The Look: Diane Kruger's Next-Level Braid-Within-A-Braid

Ladies and gentlemen—Diane Kruger’s braid just Inceptioned us all. A braid-within-a-braid that magically melds a tight Dutch braid into a loose French braid, this awe-inducing hair creation turned more than a few heads at the West Hollywood premiere for season two of Kruger’s new show, The Bridge. Lucky for us, hairstylist Kylee Heath was willing to share exactly how she created this jaw-dropping look.

“First, I sprayed Leonar Greyl Spray Structure Naturelle ($38) from [Kruger’s] roots through ends and rough dried the hair, blowing it in all directions,” she says. “Then, I created a part from the top of her left ear, straight over the head, to the top of the right ear.  I broke the section into two, creating a center part, then clipped away both sections. Starting at the back of the center part, I then created two partings, [making] a triangle section in the back.”

She clipped away the leftover hair on either side of the triangle, then did an inside-out French braid (also called a Dutch braid) in the triangular section and secured it in place with a clear rubber band. Next, she undid the sections she had clipped away and lightly pulled them back to create a loose French braid.

To finish, she left two and a half inches of hair at the bottom and twisted a clear rubber band around the base. The final touch? A spritz of Kevin Murphy’s Strong Hold Hairspray ($30) and Easy Rider ($35) for a smooth, glossy finish.