How to Keep Your Body in "Perma-Detox" Mode


Sakara Life

In theory, cleansing is a great way to reboot your mind and body—by adopting a good diet, practising positive lifestyle habits and phasing out anything that isn't exactly serving you and your wellness, you consequently feel energised, healthy and generally amazing. Of course, our definition of detoxing has mutated into something a tad different: fad diets, fasting and juice cleanses so unsustainable that we often never even get to experience the benefits listed above. Not only that, but isn't it pretty backward that in pursuit of optimal health, deprivation has become the go-to strategy? Can you blame us for raising a wary eyebrow whenever we hear the word detox?

So what if we spun cleansing back toward that original definition? Something that's based more on positive lifestyle habits rather than whittling away to a beach-ready physique? Something that promotes powerful endorphins rather than hallucinations of dancing tacos (or really any solid food)?

By adopting smaller wellness habits that are easier to digest (so to speak), the pursuit of health isn't just easier, but more sustainable. In other words, it's possible to keep your body in a perma-detox state without choking back so much as a single flax cracker. (You're welcome.)

Keep reading to see how.

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