The Only 3 Skincare Brands Worth Buying, According to a Top Dermatologist

To say that the skincare market is overwhelming is an understatement, right? Even your local supermarket leaves you faced with a stress-inducing plethora of products that all promise great skin. We’re forever on a quest to trial new formulas and give you the best beauty advice, but even we can feel somewhat floored by the sheer volume of choice out there.

It’s in these moments that we call on the help of an expert dermatologist. Namely, London-based cosmetic dermatologist Sam Bunting. She’s a veritable hive of skincare advice (her YouTube channel is a testament to that) who treats all manner of complexion concerns—from melasma to acne and rosacea. We asked her, “If you had to choose just three skincare brands to recommend, what would they be?” Keep reading to see the ones that made the cut.