7 Signs It's Time to See a Dermatologist

We’ve all cornered a friend or family member for advice on a skin concern at some point—What should I do? Do you think it will go away on its own?—but when is it time to seek real medical advice? To help you determine when it’s necessary to make an appointment with your dermatologist (and when you can heed your mum’s advice to “leave it alone”), we went straight to an expert.

We tapped Dr. Gary Goldfaden, practicing dermatologist, member of The American Academy of Dermatology, and the creator of Goldfaden MD skincare products, for his professional opinion on topics like chronic breakouts, severe dry skin, hives, and much more.

“In general, if you’re having a skin problem and it’s getting worse, or not improving, it’s wise to see a dermatologist,” Dr. Goldfaden told us. In fact, you may be making your concern worse by treating it at home. “Many people start with one rash, and by the time they see us they have a whole new rash [from the over-the-counter products they’re using to treat it],” he says. How can you avoid this?

Click through our slideshow for our Q&A with Dr. Goldfaden!