This Just In! Shaving Your Face is the Secret to Younger-Looking Skin

When we introduced the concept of shaving your neck, décolletage, and hands to gently exfoliate last week, some of you freaked out. We don’t blame you—after all, we’re taught at an early age that shaving makes your hair grow back thicker and darker, and should be restricted solely to legs, underarms, and your bikini area. Or should it?

We’re taking this myth head on today, and bringing to your attention the idea of shaving your—wait for it—face as an anti-ageing technique. (Insert shocked, dubious silence.) But before you throw your razors at us and call us crazy, hear us out, or rather, allow esthetician Kerry Benjamin to explain.


Keep scrolling to see how shaving your face is a total anti-ageing game-changer!