The One Revelation That Solved All My Skincare Problems

About a month ago, I noticed that my skin had broken out into a load of red blotches all over my face. They weren't spots, as such, rather angry pin pricks that ran parallel to my jaw line, across my cheek. Initially I thought my new face wash was the culprit. While I do try out a lot of products (perks of the job), I'm often unaffected by changing my skincare routine almost weekly. In short - breakouts are rare. I also hadn't changed my diet, I'd just washed my makeup brushes and it wasn't my hormones. The mystery went on.

For a good week, I obsessively checked my skin in mirrors. In the morning, as I tentatively placed makeup to cover the blemishes. At my desk, asking colleagues if they could see it. Then again in the evening, when I had taken off my makeup, and I was trying to calm down the redness that reappeared post-face wash. But then one trip to a department store's skincare counter changed everything. 

Keep scrolling to find out about my skincare revelation that solved my skincare problems.




After checking out my skin incessantly, I decided that enough was enough. While I agree that obsessing over your looks isn't healthy, my skin woes had dented my confidence. I've always been a fan of Kiehl's, their on-counter consultants are always full of great advice and I get great results with the their products. So, I headed straight to the Kiehl's counter in Liberty London, to see if they could shed any light on my skin's turn for the worse. 

The first thing the specialist asked me was if my skin was dehyrdated? Smugly, I said that I drink a lot of water everyday. However, that's not what she was talking about. Dehydrated skin is actually characterised by lack of moisture in the skin. This also means that even oily skin can experience dehydration. 

She then whipped out a piece of equipment that many facialists use - a skin moisture analyser. She gently pressed the gadget onto my face to get a reading. Instead of getting something around the 45 mark, which is normal, it registered 35 on the screen. When I asked her why this was the case, she said that it could have been anything. The change in weather,  a product that might have dried out my skin, or even an allergic reaction. Clearly, this wasn't good. To rectify this problem, she recommended that I change up my skincare routine. As a result, products and ingredients that I'd rarely used before suddenly became my best friends in tackling my dehydration problem. Keep scrolling for the three-step guide that fixed my skin woes. 

The key with any new skincare routine is to stick to it for a good few weeks, since it can take anywhere from 28-40 days for new skin cells to reach the surface.

After two weeks, I noticed a really positive change in my skin. However, I'll be making a trip back to Liberty to check what I already suspect - my skin is back to being more hydrated. My complexion was smoother, happier when I applied makeup, and best of all, there were no more red blotches. Dehydrated skin: 0, Me: 1.

When did you last have a break out? And what did you do? Tell us in the comments!