As Much as I Don't Like Sharing, You Need to Know About This Skincare Brand

Dermatologic Cosmetic Laboratories (or DCL for short) is what I like to call a modest skincare brand. On paper, it has all the credentials you could dream of—dermatologist-backed formulas, Ivy League institution research teams, potent ingredients in worthwhile concentrations, chic packaging and proven results—but what it doesn't have is any of the marketing fluff.

It's not one of those shouty, showy skincare brands running up $$$ advertising campaigns. Instead, it's the kind of brand that funnels all its efforts and finances into creating high-quality skincare formulas you can actually see (and feel) working. So I don't blame you if you haven't yet heard of the brand, but lend me your ear for five minutes to explain why my bathroom cabinet is now full of the stuff.

DCL has had its feet firmly dunked in the pool of skincare innovation for the past 30 years, pioneering the use of many of today's most relied-on ingredients (I mean, I would be nothing without glycolic acid) and offering potencies that other brands would shy away from. This is no wishy-washy, fancy water. Which is why it's been a mainstay in dermatologist offices across the pond for years.

Now, I don't know about you, but without the time for a laborious 12-step routine, I want a handful of formulas in my toolkit that I know are going to work—and that's what DCL skincare promises. So, as my plight for glowier skin continues, I've been trialling a few of the brand's most-loved formulas for the past few months—you'll find my thoughts below.