Video: A Day of the Dead Makeup Look Perfect for Halloween

Video: Sechoir TV

Scrambling for a last-minute costume doesn't have to result in some half-hearted whiskers drawn onto your cheeks at the very last minute. Exhibit A: this gorgeously intricate Day of the Dead skeleton look, courtesy of Lisa Dempsey, makeup artist and beauty director for Séchoir. The best part? The process isn't nearly as elaborate as the final result. Watch the video above to see how it comes together, and check out the steps below for the play-by-play!

  1. Cover the entire face with a white face paint. (Dempsey recommends Make Up For Ever's 12 Flash Colour Case, $99 for the entire tutorial.)
  2. Draw a circle around the eyes with black face paint.
  3. Use a loose pigment in the colour of your choice to fill in the eyes and blend the black circles. Dempsey used MAC Pigment ($22) in Blue/Brown.
  4. Use yellow paint to outline the black paint around both eyes.
  5. Using red paint, apply dots all around the yellow outline to create a scalloped shape.
  6. Gently tap a translucent powder (like Make Up For Ever's HD Microfinish Powder, $34) over the painted area. (Do not rub or blend.)
  7. Using black paint and a thin brush, outline the red paint to create petals.
  8. With the same black paint, cover the nose in an upside-down spade shape.
  9. Draw half of a flower shape with the black paint on the forehead and the bottom of the chin. Don't forget filagrees on your cheeks!
  10. Use baby-blue face paint to fill in the half-flowers.
  11. Apply red paint to your lips as you would lipstick.
  12. Use the black paint to draw a line from the inner lip to mid-cheek on both sides. Next, add vertical lines along the lips and continue onto the cheeks, creating a sewn-lips look. Add black paint to the center of the lips.
  13. To complete the look, set with translucent powder. An optional last step: Add small jewels using clear lash glue to the chin and forehead.

Love the hair, too? Leah Dempsey, hair director at Séchoir, recommends frabbing fake roses from your nearest craft store. Fasten with bobby pins.

What do you think of the look? Sound off in the comments below!