7 Dance-Inspired Workouts That Will Sculpt Your Body


Marks & Spencer

A dance workout has to be one of the most enjoyable ways to get fit. And at this time of year a high proportion of us get the dance bug thanks to Strictly Come Dancing, it’s the autumn equivalent of wanting to take up tennis post-Wimbledon. It’s also at this time of year when our motivation to visit the gym starts to wane. Why work out when we’ll be hidden beneath layers of knitwear for the next five months, right?

But rather than let your fitness goals slide, why not combine your desire to dance and your need to keep fit through winter and try a dance workout instead? Every year on Strictly, the celebrities end up with toned, lithe-looking bodies, in fact look at any dancer and you’ll spot that telltale lean, toned body shape. Thankfully YouTube is a gold mine for dance-workout routines, so if you resemble Monica from Friends in a dance class, you can let loose in the privacy, comfort and warmth of your own home, at least until you’re practiced enough to give J.Lo a run for her money (in the abs and moves department).

Keep scrolling for seven dance workouts that will have you hot trotting your way around the living faster than you can say a Len Goodman–style “seven!”