The No-Fringe Fringe: A Low-Commitment Way to Do Bangs

Long before "curtain fringes" were trending on Pinterest, Dakota Johnson was nailing the hairstyle. The thing is, you can totally tell she has a fringe, but it doesn't scream bangs! as much as a full fringe would. A bit of beauty investigation later and it appears the actress is the queen of the low-commitment fringe—the longer length means she can part it any which way she likes or disguise it almost entirely, aka she has a whole wardrobe of hairstyles can she can pull from. It's kind of like the hair equivalent of the no-makeup makeup look; we're coining it the no-fringe fringe. (You heard it here first, people.)

Keep scrolling to see how Dakota styles her no-fringe fringe. We defy you not to want to book a hair appointment instantly.