Daith Piercings 101: Everything You Need to Know

Welcome to our series, Piercing 101. We're going to be bringing you the details, over the coming weeks, of every type of piercing you could want. By the end, you'll know your tragus from your conch, and you may even be persuaded into taking the plunge. Because look at those jewellery-adorned ears—it's tempting right?

When New York–based piercer Maria Tash set up residency in Liberty London, forcing the It bags out of their prime position on the store's ground floor, we knew piercing was trending. The thing is that that was over a year ago and our affinity for piercings has yet to wane. Which is why we're bringing you the need-to-know on everything from pain and placement to healing time, plus whether the piercing you're lusting after will even suit your ear. In the first installment, we're talking daith piercings. (For the uninitiated, that's the hoop that hugs the cartilage inside your ear.) And to gather all the intel, we called on Peter Monckton, piercer at Maria Tash, to walk us through it.

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