These Curly Haired Celebrities Helped Me Fall in Love With My Curly Hair Again

When I would draw pictures of princesses as a little girl, they would all have long blonde hair. Despite the fact that this was the opposite of my own hair, I would never reach for the brown crayon, and I always used straight lines. I made every effort to ensure my princesses had the exact opposite hair to my own. While I wasn’t one of those babies who was born with a lot of hair (you know, the ones who look like they’re wearing wigs), I was blessed/cursed with tight, dark brown curls. As a little girl, it was a nightmare to look after.

There are two distinct traumatic moments when I clearly remember hating those curls: First, the time I had to have a school photo taken and, unlike my twin who had pristine straight hair, my curls were bunched up on my head. I felt like I looked messy and unkempt. Second, when my mum cut my hair. She’d gone to hairdressing classes, but because curly hair is totally different from straight hair, one side ended up longer than the other. Needless to say, these formative experiences didn’t help me come to terms with my natural hair.


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