The Hairstyles to Show Off a Curated Ear

It takes time to curate perfectly pierced ears. There's the placement to consider: lobe, conch, tragus or helix. Then you need to spend time collecting and adorning your ears with just the right jewels. Once that's done, the last thing you want to do is cover them with hair; those cartilage piercings were too painful to hide! Famous ear piercer and jewellery designer to the stars Maria Tash (her A-list clients include Gwyneth Paltrow, FKA Twigs, Miley Cyrus and Beyoncé) along with her team are setting up shop in Liberty from 19–28 February to coincide with London Fashion Week. Piercings start from £15 for the ear lobe; jewellery starts at £60. 

Book via email, or call 0207 573 9858. Walk-ins welcome.

And keep scrolling for the best hairstyles ideas from our favourite jewellers to show off your piercings.