Crystal Geode Nail Art Is Not Going Anywhere This Party Season



Crystal geode nails are a look. While minimal nail art may be the trend du jour, with party season around the corner, you may find yourself drawn to the more maximalist end of the nail art spectrum. And why the heck not? If you're tempted to go all out on your digits in the run up to Christmas and New Year, let us steer you towards the crystal geode trend. Crystal geodes are those big hunks of rocks you see in new-age stores that look like your average rock on the outside but inside are packed with layers of shimmering, textured crystal.

You may also have seen these crystal geodes turned into coasters or pendants and edged with gold foil (both are great inspiration for nail art). Whether you opt for purple-hued amethyst, rose quartz or dark navy azurite, the options are endless. You can dip your toe into the trend with an accent nail, change up the details on each nail or opt for something more strikingly uniform. Now, we're not saying you couldn't do this at home (if you have a steady hand and some spare hours, give it a try), but we'll be leaving this one to the professionals.

If you're tempted to go for a high-octane nail look next time you book in for a manicure, below are the 10 crystal geode designs we're currently obsessing over here at Byrdie HQ.