I Travelled 3459 Miles, and Now I Understand the Obsession With Crème de la Mer

When I think of La Mer, I think of the sea, the mysterious Miracle Broth and that iconic white pot. What I don't think of, though, is the rocket-scientist founder who died and took the secrets of La Mer to his grave—secrets Estée Lauder Companies were desperate to unearth. Max Huber, the mysterious man who invented Crème de la Mer, knew he was onto something special with his skin-healing cream. When Huber burnt his face in an experiment gone wrong, his life changed forever. He was, by all accounts, a vain man, and he couldn't find anything to heal his scorched skin. At the retrofuturistic La Mer HQ in Melville, Long Island, there's a black-and-white photograph of Huber—hair coiffed, skin perfectly smooth with straight, white teeth—that would put the cast of TOWIE to shame.