Are You Using Dry Shampoo Wrong?

A few years ago no one was talking about dry shampoo, but today it’s difficult to image your routine with the life-saving product. The aerosol wonder lifts roots, delivers texture throughout your locks, and, of course, soaks up oil to allow more time between shampooing. But are you getting the most out of your formula of choice? A few months ago our editors learned a tip that took our dry shampoo usage to the next level, and it’s a total no-brainer.

Most of us just tilt our head over and haphazardly blast our roots with dry shampoo to get the job done, but it turns out, there’s a better method. Instead of just spraying and hoping for the best, use a comb to create long, horizontal parts, starting at your center of your crown and working down. Once you make a part, flip the hair over and blast the hair just above that part with the product, then move onto the next. Wait ten minutes, then style your locks as desired. Et Voila!

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