Copper: Skincare’s Newest “It” Ingredient

Copper is having a moment and not just on the interior boards of your favourite pinners on Pinterest—it’s the skincare world’s latest hero too. Formulators have known for a long while that copper can heal the skin thanks to its antimicrobial and antibacterial properties (calling all acne sufferers), as well as its ability to boost your skin's hyaluronic acid and collagen production (think a plump, smooth, hydrated complexion). Being an antioxidant as well (boffin) it can mop up any free radical damage in the skin too. One study found it was able to absorb harmful UV light, while another established that copper can also help boost nail growth. 2015 saw copper pop up in a handful of beauty products, and we predict 2016 will be this ingredient's year to shine.




Keep scrolling for our edit of the copper skincare you can buy now.


So we've established copper is a bit of a youth-boosting star ingredient, well we naturally produce Copper Tripeptide GHK-Cu (it can be found in our plasma) but the concentration drops as we age. Luckily this serum has it at a 1% concentration (you can also buy a 5%). The copper is super potent because it's not activated until you mix both bottles together (then store it in the fridge next to your milk to keep it fresh). 


This face mist offers instant hydration for the skin and adds a welcome hit of luminosity. The anti-inflammatory benefits of the copper means it makes the perfect holiday companion if you're out in the sun a little too long.


For anyone who likes to spend as little time cleansing as possible—this is for you. The no-rinse formula means you just saturate a cotton pad, swipe, and go. The copper is called on here for its skin soothing and calming benefits.


A cult cream this is an anti-bacterial, multi-purpose product for all skin scrapes, bites, and irritations. It works wonders on dry chapped skin, including lips. Keep a tube in your bathroom cabinet.


It's not just in skincare where copper has been utilised, it benefits hair too. The copper in this cleansing conditioner stimulates the scalp to produce collagen and elastin which gives you healthier hair follicles (and in turn, healthier hair). In fact, studies have shown that copper needs to be present for hair to grow. 

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