How to Contour in the Kitchen (No Bronzer Required)

We’re all for instant makeup cheats, and contouring is right up there. How great that you can swipe a bronzing brush over your face and—hey, presto!—you’ve faked defined cheekbones. But here’s the thing about the Kardashians’ go-to super-sculpted look: It’s time-consuming and pretty much the antithesis of that off-duty model glow we crave.

So, we’re setting the shortcuts aside for the moment and aiming to contour from the inside out. Because isn’t that where all the best, most natural-looking beauty looks begin? Turns out, by regularly chowing down on certain foods—that are probably in your fridge right now—you can define, tighten, plump and de-puff your facial features. Keep scrolling to find out which foods can help carve out your contours from the inside out…

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Opening Image: Morgan Hill-Murphy Photography © / Cassidy Hughes Interior Design & Styling