Connie Britton Spills Her Hair Routine, Skincare Picks, and All Things Nashville

When we asked Connie Britton if she ever gets sick of answering questions about her hair, she let out a little laugh. “Honestly, I really don’t,” the actress told us. “I’m always so shocked when people ask about my hair, I’m like, ‘really?’” Although it is a point of pride for the actress—she even wrote a witty thank you letter to People for her Best Hair accolade last year—she has more pressing issues on her mind. Mainly, her hit show Nashville, her toddler son Eyob, and her latest role as United Nations Goodwill Ambassador For Poverty Eradication and Women’s Empowerment.

Luckily, she took time from her busy schedule to chat with us about all things beauty, from that famous head of hair, to her on-set beauty tips—and just in time for the season finale of her hit show tonight! (Please tell us you set your DVR?)

Click through our slideshow for all of Britton’s beauty secrets, what is was like having Michelle Obama guest star on Nashville, and so much more!