These Are the Concealers the Busiest Models Swear By

Life is filled with sleepless nights, whether you’re working, partying or binge-watching Grey's Anatomy again, and it inevitably shows up on your face in the morning. Dark, pronounced under-eye circles and puffy bags plague us, even when we do our best to take care of our skin. So it’s time to call in the big guns, and by big guns, I mean concealer.

I thought it appropriate to look to perhaps the most on-the-go women of all: models. They’re jet-lagged each week, flying from a fashion destination to an off-the-map island for a shoot and back again. Somehow, despite it all, they always look fresh-faced. Of course, the fact that they’re young and uncommonly gorgeous has a lot to do with it, but so does their concealer. After some thorough research, we've found our favourite models’ go-to concealers and listed them all below. You’re welcome.

Now to work on our supermodel cheekbones