Reviewed: The Gadget That Airbushes Your Face IRL

Years ago, I remember reviewing an at-home airbrushing makeup system that used different coloured liquids to spray a veil of colour over your face. The result was incredible, but the whole rigmarole of loading and spraying was quite time-consuming. This clever gadget, on the other hand, offers the airbrush finish without the faff. Keep scrolling to find out how this tool can transform your makeup.



Color Me

Essentially, the Color Me Automatic Foundation Applicator Pro Edition (£58) is a vibrating makeup sponge that pulses 15,000 times per minute to mimic the tapping motion a makeup artist uses to apply cosmetics to the face. The mastermind behind it is Eric Jimenez who worked at Benefit for a decade, moving to Urban Decay as global makeup artist for seven years before co-founding Color Me. 

In all honesty, I was a bit skeptical that it would be gimmicky, that I’d use it once and then it would sit—sorry-looking—in its box. Not so. It’s quick and easy to use; you simply attach the sponge (which should be replaced every 2–4 weeks depending on how often you use it), pour on some foundation, turn it on and glide it over the contours of your face. The tool does the hard work for you, blending the foundation in as you lazily move it from one part of your face to the next. The teardrop shape of the sponge means you can get into tricky areas like the inner corners of the eyes and around the nose.

I decided to be incredibly scientific about this trial. I applied my makeup as I normally would with my flat-topped brush to one-half of my face, then used the sonic applicator on the other half. I then asked my boyfriend which side looked better. He got it right and said the side where the gadget had got to work looked smoother and more even. It wasn’t a huge difference, it has to be said, but I’m glad to know that my years in the business mean I can almost rival something automatic when it comes to applying my foundation (phew!).

Now this isn't something I whip out every morning, but for a night out or a special occasion where I want a really flawless finish, this is now my go-to applicator of choice. It's also a lifesaver when you're a bit tired (read: hungover) and your makeup just doesn't sit right on the skin—you can use this to buff it right in.

For anyone doing their own wedding makeup, this will be a great support on the day—you'll be safe in the knowledge that it will blur open pores and hide imperfections, leaving your complexion looking flawless. It’s quick too, thanks to the vibrations, it makes light work of covering and blending the whole face and neck in less than a minute. The sponges (it comes with two and duo refill packs cost £10) can be used with liquid, powder or cream, and claim to offer eight hours of flawless coverage. And I have to say the claim stacks up—my makeup did go the distance, looking fresh and flawless for longer.

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