Better Skin From an Arthritis Supplement? Hear Us Out



Nutritional therapist Amelia Freer, author of Eat. Nourish. Glow (£15), is the woman singer Sam Smith credits with his relatively new slimline look.

Through her healthy eating principles she has helped countless people feel and look better. In fact, it was through working with her clients that she started to notice a surprising trend.

For those suffering with arthritis or joint pain, she was recommending Allergy Research Group’s Arthred Collagen Powder (£34). But over time she noticed a recurring pattern. Read on to find out what beauty benefit her clients started to notice.

They found that their skin and hair was much improved—we’re talking shinier, plumper, younger and healthier-looking.

So how does it work? Collagen is a naturally occurring protein and is the foundation of a healthy body. It helps in every area from tendons and cartilage to organs and bones. It’s also what gives young skin that elasticity and plumpness. But by the time we hit 25, collagen production starts to slow.

Hydrolysed collagen, like the one Freer recommends, is derived from cows (sorry to any vegetarians and vegans reading) and made up of amino acids, which are efficiently absorbed and utilised internally to rev up our body’s own collagen production. Hydrolysed means it has been pre-digested or "broken down" to aid absorption.

It’s also anti-inflammatory—and as we know inflammation is a terribly ageing process our body goes through when it is put under stress (from, among other things, too much work and too little sleep—sound familiar?).

If another super powder sounds like too much for your kitchen cupboard to take, then look to Botanic | Lab Shine (£60 for 8 bottles). The first-ever cold-pressed juice with hydrolised collagen, it was created by Freer in collaboration with the juice brand’s founder Christophe Reissfelder.

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Opening image: Imaxtree.