Product of the Day: Because Not All Lashes Are Created Equal

These days it seems like there’s a beauty product targeted for every part of the body, from your neck to the bottom of your feet. So we can understand that you might be a little resistant to the idea of a mascara made just for your bottom lashes, but just hear us out.

Regular-sized mascara wands can miss tiny lower lashes entirely or, even worse, overload them with product. Clinique’s Bottom Lash Mascara ($10) is the perfect size to define each lash without turning your everyday look into a Twiggy costume. Does mascara smudge on your skin easily? The formula will never give you the dreaded raccoon effect, but it does comes off easily with warm water, how amazing is that?

No matter what mascara we’re currently using on our top lashes, you’ll find this tiny tube in our makeup bag.