Clear Coffee Exists, and It's Here to Change Your Life

Do you ever worry about how your morning cup of joe is staining your pearly whites? Have you ruined a blouse or two struggling to manage your cold brew while on your daily commute? While most of us refuse to ever give up coffee to kick-start our day, we do recognise the things we endure to indulge in our morning habit. But a new player is entering into the mix and promising to change the coffee game—with transparent coffee as clear as water.

"What is this sorcery?" you might ask. Aptly called Clear Coffee, this miracle drink is the first colourless coffee in the world. Completely free of colour (as well as preservatives, stabilisers, sugar and sweeteners), this healthy concoction is made from high-quality Arabica coffee beans and pure water. Flavoured like a potent cold brew, the caffeinated bottled beverage can be enjoyed without the worry of staining your teeth or clothing.

"We are heavy coffee drinkers," co-founder David Nagy admitted to Evening Standard. "Like many other people we struggled with the teeth stains caused by it. There was nothing on the market that would suit our needs so we decided to create our own recipe." Clear Coffee costs £5 for two 200-millilitre bottles or £13 for a five-pack.

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