9 Easy Diet Tweaks We Learnt From Clean Eating Alice

What did we do for foodie inspiration before Instagram? Our feed is littered with all sorts of mouthwatering treats, from beautifully styled versions of our favourite brunch staple, #avotoast, to the most extreme confections and cakes you can imagine—it's all about balance, after all. 

When it comes to delicious and nutritious feeds, one of our favourite accounts to follow belongs to Clean Eating Alice. A personal trainer and trainee nutritionist, Alice is the proud owner of some seriously impressive abs, courtesy of her love of working up a sweat with HIIT workouts.

Alice's food philosophy is to “eat well every day,” and she treats her huge following to a steady stream of snaps of super-healthy homemade dishes, often with easy-to-follow recipes alongside. From healthy breakfasts that are anything but boring to protein-packed post-workout snacks, Alice's healthy diet is in no way restrictive.

Ahead of the release of her new book Eat Well Every Day, which you can preorder now, we decided to be inspired by Alice and see how a few small changes can make eating healthily easy. 

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