How to Survive the Entire Festive Period, According to Jules and Sarah

If the thought of surviving a whole week of festivities and family time has you just about ready to fall face-first into a cheeseboard and not reemerge until the coast is clear on December 2, do not fret. You simply need a game plan—a holiday survival guide, if you will—to see you safely through the festivities without even a whiff of a tinsel-based meltdown. And the good news is, we’ve got you covered on that front.

We have called upon the cheeriest (not to mention funniest, chicest and coolest) pair we know—Jules Von Hep and Sarah Powell—to share with us their expert tips for navigating the holiday season. If you've heard their podcast (the aptly named Jules and Sarah The Podcast) you’ll know the hilarity that’s in store, and if you haven’t, read this and download a backlog of episodes immediately.

So from last minute shopping tips to New Years beauty advice to the ultimate strategy for navigating leftovers, keep scrolling for Jules and Sarah’s day-by-day holiday survival guide.