Win Best-Pal Points With These 15 Irresistible Gift Ideas

Buying Christmas gifts for friends? If you still partake in annual present-swapping with your mates, we've got you covered. It can be tricky to think of what to buy your pals this time of year when you're also having to shop for parents, partners, various colleagues, neighbours and extended family. Thankfully, below, you'll find 15 gift ideas that'll ensure you get it right. From the suits-all makeup palette and a sleep kit to the cult cleansing kit and mask library (yep, such a thing exists), these gift ideas also won't break the bank. Told you we've got your gifting back. Keep scrolling for our roundup of the best Christmas gifts for friends. (PS, shopping for boy mates? Check out our edit of the best gifts for men; otherwise you're in the right place.)