Can You Guess Which Shoe Designer Is Behind These Perfumes?

I put that exact question to the office: "Which shoe designer is behind these perfumes?" After a bit of umm-ing and ahh-ing, everyone got it right: Christian Louboutin. There are some telltale signs—the opulent design we have come to expect from his shoes, then his makeup; the wash of garnet red at the base of one of the bottles; the stiletto-shaped indent in the centre of each undulating glass bottle. They are more modern objet d'arts than vessels merely there to serve the purpose of encasing the scents. Keep scrolling to find out more about Christian Louboutin's trio of debut fragrances



Christina Louboutin

Each scent is completely addictive in its own special way. From the bottle the perfumes are housed within to the scents themselves, each of Louboutin's new fragrances are definitely talking points. 

Bikini Questa Sera, in the amber-and-gold bottle, blends jasmine and tuberose. It conjures memories of summer holidays and hot balmy nights.

Tornade Blonde, with its garnet-red bottle, is a rose scent mingled with violet and cassis. It smells like an instant classic, and I'm not usually one for a rose perfume, but this is both grown-up and elegant without smelling "old lady" (like many rose scents can).

Last, but not least, Trouble in Heaven is the most derisive. Strong and sweet, it boasts patchouli and tonka absolut, the deep opulent purple bottle hinting at the bold scent within.

Sadly I don't have £645 to spend collecting all three, so I'd say start with Tornade Blonde (the most classic) and then snap up Bikini Questa Sera next summer. For the daring among us, Trouble in Heaven will be right up your street.

Christian Louboutin Fragrances (£215 each) available from Harrods, Selfridges, and Christian Louboutin boutiques.