Huge News—Christian Louboutin Just Launched a Lipstick Line!

It was pretty big news when Christian Louboutin launched a lacquer line last year, with stunning stiletto bottles that sold out everywhere. Now, almost a year after expanding into the beauty world, the luxury brand is expanding its offerings to lipstick. And boy, does it blow the lipstick bullet game out of the water. Ringing in at about $52 a pop, Tom Ford’s lipstick currently stand as the priciest luxury brand on the market; not to be outdone, a Louboutin lipstick will cost you a casual $90. But of course, it's not just lipstick you're buying. The man behind the magic, Louboutin says he aims to create "objets d’art," and desires more than "beauty products"—and these creations are indeed just that.

Inspired by Babylonian architecture, the Middle East, and the art deco movement, the sleek gold bullets are embellished with jewellery you can actually remove and wear as a necklace, and they are meant to enhance your face through the sensual art of application. Says Louboutin, “An object that embellishes the lips—the beacon of sensuality and organ of communication—has to be fairly amazing. The object should inspire a beautiful gesture. At the same time, it should be intimate and nonchalant, almost insouciant. I imagined the scales of a mermaid’s tail, dressed with what could have been a vial, filled with an elixir, an essence oozing strength and beauty.” His vision of creating lipstick that's seen as a treasured jewel more than a utilitarian tool extended to the cap of the bullet as well. Knowing a simple cap would not do, he envisioned "a turret-like crowned head" that would inspire lust and desire—something coveted by those who watch you apply it.

The Lip Colour collection comes in three different textures, totaling 38 different shades: Sheer Voile for light, nine colours for sheer coverage with a luminous, shiny finish; Silky Satin, 20 colours for medium to full coverage with a smooth, satiny finish; and Velvet Matte, nine colours for full coverage in a non-drying matte formula. They will be available in September at Saks Fifth Avenue. Keep scrolling to see the exact array of colours offered in each stunning collection!