The Unusual Mascara Colour That Will Make Your Eyes Pop

Today I'm going to tell you about how brilliant red mascara is. No, no, come back! It's not that bad, honest. The truth is, I was pretty skeptical about the stuff too—that was until a few weeks ago when I was given a taste of the new Christian Louboutin eyes range. The French fashion house, famed for the shoes with the red soles, had already given us nail lacquer and lips, so this time Mr. Louboutin thought it would be rude not to give us a decent range of eye makeup to complete the set. While the range includes plenty of different kohls, liners, brow pens, and mascaras, there was one product in particular that really shocked us with how incredible it made our eyes look. Keep scrolling to read our review of the Christian Louboutin mascara and where you can get your hands on it, stat.

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