The Unlikely Eye Shadow Hue That Suits Just About Everyone

Every few years, a new eye shadow hue makes its way into the beauty stratosphere and becomes a cult colour in our makeup bags. Thanks to Urban Decay's Naked Heat Palette (£40), the shade lighting up everybody's smokey eye look for the last year or so has been a fiery burnt orange. But now there’s a new shade in town, and we've been seeing it pretty much everywhere.

Say hello to cherry eye shadow, the new hue taking over our palettes one pan at a time. Again, Urban Decay has got in on the trend, quickly releasing its Naked Cherry Eye Shadow Palette (£42). However, it's not the only one. L'Oréal has an affordable, ultra-wearable Cherry My Cheri Palette (£16) out, and even Kylie Cosmetics released a limited-edition 21st Birthday Palette (£50) that featured more than one cherry-esque shade.

In fact, pretty much every single new eye shadow palette that's landed on the Byrdie HQ's desk recently has included at least one red hue.

Have you tried out the cherry eye shadow trend yet? Tag us in your selfies so we can see.

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Opening Images: @alxcext, @mominatu