Makeup Artists Shop in Boots and Superdrug Too! This Is What They Buy

Just because a beauty product is cheap (or more flatteringly described as affordable) doesn't mean it's no good. But as adults, we often equate cost with quality, unlike when we were teens and it was all about value. Do you remember as a teen spending hours meandering around the shops in your local high street with your mates? Wandering up and down the aisles in Boots and Superdrug, testing the makeup and hoping it would transform us into one of the Spice Girls was a real Saturday highlight (along with popping into Miss Selfridge for a new party outfit).

As I’ve grown up, I tend look to our high-street chemists more as places of function; it’s where I go to get 3-for-2 on razors, collect my prescriptions and stock up on whatever shower gel happens to be on offer. But lately I've been drawn back into those makeup and skincare aisles. Why? Because I know there are some really great products on those shelves. And it's not just me; these stores are real-life meccas for many makeup artists, veritable treasure troves of affordable beauty products that work so brilliantly that they make it into their own makeup bags as well as their professional kits.

Now, having worked in Boots on the till and restocking shelves to make extra cash during university, I know all too well how many products that store stocks (a lot) and Superdrug is just the same. So I called on makeup artist and Instagram influencer Katie Jane Hughes to reveal which products she stocks up on in everyone’s favourite local chemists. Keep scrolling for her six top beauty picks under £10.

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Opening Image: Instagram (@katiejanehughes)