Is Lip Balm Really Addictive?

Beauty products and “addiction” often go hand in hand. We’ve been addicted to texturizing spray, our Clarisonic, dry shampoo, and even pore strips (despite their questionable reputations, finding even just one sebum stalagmite on a strip is incredibly satisfying). But these addictions don’t warrant any sort of intervention—except maybe one from your roommate who’s concerned your Oribe budget is compromising your ability to pay rent. Then there are the “real” beauty product addictions—at least real in the sense that if you google “Can armpits get addicted to deodorant?” you’ll get hundreds of thousands of results. Perhaps even more ubiquitous, there’s lip balm addiction. As sufferers of chronic dry lip, we’ve often wondered if our constant lip balm application is actually helping the cause or if our habit has ventured into dangerous territory. To find out if lip balm addiction is real or just a byproduct of Internet rumormongering, we called in Dr. Carl Thornfeldt, board-certified dermatologist and founder of Epionce Skin CareKeep reading to find out if you’re addicted to lip balm!