We Found One of The Best Highlighters, Ever!

Imagine a product that gives your face and body a healthy, summer glow, can be used a variety of ways, delivers anti-ageing benefits, and deeply hydrates your skin. We’d call this the BB cream of the illuminator world—and we just found it.

Chantecaille’s brand new Liquid Lumière Anti-Ageing Face Illuminator ($39) is a creamy formula that you can add to your face moisturizer or foundation for all over radiance, dab and blend directly onto cheeks as a highlighter, or sweep onto lids for a shimmery, wide-awake look. Plus, it has anti-ageing ingredients like glucosamine, bamboo and pea extract, which boost your skin’s collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid production.

The shade Lustre has a pink tone, which is great for cheeks or anyone with a warmer complexion, while Brilliance is a beige hue best suited for cooler undertones.