7 Celebrities Who Got a Career-Boosting Haircut

It’s amazing what a pair of scissors can do for your career—just ask these A-listers. Famous styles like Victoria Beckham's "pob" and Jennifer Aniston's "Rachel" are proof that going for the chop can help you go from zero to hero in the workplace. "The confidence you evoke after getting a brand new hair style sends the message that you take good care of yourself and that you will pay that kind of serious attention to your work,' explains Vivian Diller, PhD, psychologist and author of Face It. "It can suggest that you know what is current and stylish and that you’re willing to take risks."

But what is it about our hair that is so powerful? "It frames the face and is a key feature in first and last impressions," says Vivian. "A good hair day can start with an instant positive visual reaction to what we see in the mirror, which can impact our mood all day long." And don’t we all love a good hair day? Keep scrolling to refresh your memory on some of the most impactful cuts in the world of celebrity.