How Hollywood Gets Glowing Skin for the Oscars

Though there may be a heated debate over which film wins Best Picture, or which actress takes the Best Actress prize home (#teamReese), one thing is for certain: Tomorrow’s 87th annual Oscars is going to be a spectacle, and the celebrities (and their teams) are going to do everything possible to ensure they look their very, very best.  It’s a lot of pressure to walk the Oscars red carpet, after all (Flash bulbs! Interviews! People tweeting your every move!), so it’s no surprise that celebs like Naomi Watts and Emma Stone get a little help from their friends before the big day—and by friends, we mean their go-to people who make their skin look radiant and camera-ready.  Ever wonder who Beyoncé calls on before an awards show, or how Sienna Miller’s skin looks perpetually glowy in every photo op? You’re about to find out. Keep scrolling for the go-to facial treatments celebrities swear by!